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  MiniApps is a unique gaming laboratory created by iDreams to provide you fun, addictive and 100% FREE mobile games and apps!
CAN KNOCKDOWN! watch the gameplay video >>
  Yes we can! Or should we say: yes we can... knock the can! Check out the most addictive and 100% FREE game on App Store and become a cold blood sniper while aiming at and knocking down piles and pyramids of cans! Start playing and you just won't put down this marvelous title till you drain your battery empty! You have been warned!
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PLASMA GLOBE watch the gameplay video >>
  This visual interactive masterpiece takes full advantage of the Retina display in order to bring beautiful and crisp graphics along with addictive lighting effects, sounds and fun gameplay! Amaze your friends and get hooked by this gorgeous and stunning looking product which you get totally FREE!
Android OS link
  Jelly Chronicles is a magic adventure into the Jelly World for both young and old. Test your power of observation in classic "spot the difference" game and challenge your skills in jigssaw puzzles full of beautiful and unique pictures. Jelly Chronicles lets you dream with your eyes wide open while you make your way through the epic Jelly story! It is a fairy tale you can't do without!

  It's time for the final countdown! Jelly Defence is due for release, and you don't wanna miss it! This is why we offer you these 5 magic, unique and 100% FREE talking themed clocks, designed specifically for iPad and iPhone! Take a look at the gorgeous graphics and imagine how cool one of these amazing, hand-crafted timepieces could look on your desk!
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