What is the creation process of each clay item? When do I decorate it?

Checkout the scheme below. You can also send your item to a friend via e-mail or publish it on our community portal.

You can also watch this tutorial movie which presents the gameplay of Let's Create! Pottery and shows how the creation system works:

How do I shape my clay item?

Follow instructions shown on the picture below.

Where do I find the store where I can buy patterns and paints to decorate my item?
At anytime tap on the "Menu" icon at the right side of the screen. Then tap on "Shop" and use your virtual coins to buy items you want. Now tap on "Exit" and on "Create" to go back to your item to finish the creation process.
How can I reset quests so that the application can be played from the beginning?
In orderto reset the application uninstall it from your device, then download it and install again.
Is the iPhone version of the game compatible with iPad?
Yes the game is compatible with iPad. However if you use the iPhone version you will not benefit from better graphics which you will find in the iPad version (higher resolution). The iPhone version of the game will only be magnified on your device - so it will be scaled to the screen resolution of the iPad but you will lose many details. This is why we suggest you get the version dedicated especially for the iPad.
I have a problem with the kisch item. How can I complete this order?
Try to shape your item from top to bottom. If you want to complete any order you need to get at least 7 stars for your items (stars are displayed under the picture with the ordered item). So if you have a problem with painting the item try to shape it better (for 5 stars) - this way you will be able to complete the order even if you decorated it only for 3 stars.
How can I buy new content?
If you want to buy new brushes you need to complete at least 11 in-game orders (quests). After you achieve this goal a new icon will appear in the main menu of the game (Premium Content). Tap or click on it and you will gain access to our store where you will be able to purchase the new content. If you proceed with the purchase process successfully, your new content will become available in the virtual store of the application and you will be able to unlock new items with the use of virtual coins.
Do I need to pay again to download the premium content I bought before?
If you bought extra items (premium content) available within the app you can always download such content again for free. However you must make sure you use the same iTunes account as the one with which you bought these additional items. You will not be charged for them again.
How can I login?
The login system is based on the Facebook Connect feature. If you have a Facebook account use the same login and password in order to access the Let's Create! Pottery Community Portal.
What do I need in order to publish my own clay items?
The Let's Create! Pottery application is required. It is avaialble for all Apple's mobile platforms: iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you use an iPad make sure to get the dedicated version! You can find more information on Let's Create! Pottery by visiting its official website:
How do I publish items on the portal from within the application?
It is very simple. Access your collection and choose an item or create a new one. Now tap on the "portal" icon which you will find at the right side of the screen just under the "menu" icon. Then your pot should appear on the portal. Please note that you need to have a valid Facebook account in order to be able to publish your items as the portal uses the Facebook Connect system to login.
How do the rating system and rankings work? Why are my total rating and global rank so low?
The rating system created for is a little bit complicated and requires from you some strategy if you want to improve your total rating and global rank. First of all if you want to be included in the total rating ranking you need to publish at least 5 clay (10 for 30 days rank) items on the service. However if you want a high rating many aspects are taken into consideration by the system.

The most important advice - try to limit your collection only to your best works. Remember that each piece needs to be rated at least 3 times by other users to make its rating included in your total rating. In other words - the best way to climb up rankings is to limit your collection only to the best items and to rate each other's pots.
Can I have multiple accounts?
Only one account is allowed per user. If somebody creates several accounts and uses them to influence ratings such person will be permanently banned as well as all its accounts.
What about spammers and people trying to influence rankings?
We created a system which should limit spammer's activity. This is why we introduced some changes into the rating system. Of course if we find out that despite the rules someone tries to influence ratings such person will be banned and all its ratings will not be taken into consideration while creating rankings or average ratings.